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2019 Iowa State Boy's Results

Congratulations to the Boy's Team with two state champions and many, many records were broken, both team and individual. 

The Level 5''s started out strong at their state meet. Ruby State Champion Mr. Sparkes Shortway claimed GOLD on Vault, following with Silver on Pommel and Bronze on Floor, Rings, P-Bars & All-Around. Teammate Mr. Ross Stuber also took Silver on P-Bars, ending with Bronze on Vault & High Bar. Mr. Ross also tied the Ruby High Bar record with a 9.6. Ruby 5's also set a new Team Vault Record. Great meet guys!!!

Level 4's finished out the meet with another Ruby State Champion Mr. Deegan Fitzgerald also bringing home GOLD on Vault. Mr. Prentice Ruyle claimed Silver on Pommel, Rings & P-Bars and closed with Bronze on high Bar and All-Around. Mr. Prentice also set a new Ruby All-Around record of a 58.100 & P-Bar record of 9.7. Mr. Deegan tied the Ruby Vault record with a 9.6. Amazing 1st year for these two guys!!


7-8 Yr. Old Age Group:

Sparkes Shortway: Floor 3rd, Pommel 2nd, Rings 3rd, Vault 1st, P-Bars 3rd, High Bar 4th & All-Around 3rd

9-10 Yr. Old Age Group:

Mason Smith: Floor 8th & Vault 5th

11 Yr. Old Age Group:

Ross Stuber: Floor 6th, Pommel 6th, Rings 4th, Vault 3rd, P-Bars 2nd, High Bar 3rd & All-Around 5th 


9-10 Yr. Old Age Group:

Deegan Fitzgerald: Floor 7th, Pommel 9th, Rings 7th, Vault 1st, P-Bars 5th, High Bar 6th & All-Around 7th

Prentice Ruyle: Floor 8th, Pommel 2nd, Rings 2, Vault 5th, P-Bars 2nd, High Bar 3rd & All-Around 3rd 


2017 - 2019 Ruby Men's Records

Jan.  2016 Began the New Cycle for the Men's Routines

Bold and underlined are current records broke as of 3/16-17/19


Team Record - 161.00(18) 


Team Floor - 27.40(18)

Team Pommel Horse - 24.20(18)

Team Ring Record  - 28.20(18)

Team Vault Record - 26.90(18)

Team P-Bar Record - 26.90(18)

Team High Bar Record - 28.50(18)


AA - Prentice Ruyle - 58.10(19)

Floor – Ross Stuber/Owen McCartan – 9.70(18,16)

Pommel Horse - Prentice Ruyle - 10.40(19)

Rings - Prentice Ruyle - 10.70(19)

Vault - Deegan Fitzgerald/Sparkes Shortway - 9.6(19/18)

P - Bar – Prentice Ruyle – 9.70(19) 

High Bar - Prentice Ruyle/Ross Stuber - 10.30(19/18)


Level 5 TEAM

Team Record – 161.00(17)

Team Floor Record – 29.60(17) 

Team Pommel Horse Record - 27.40(19)

Team Rings Record - 29.80(19)

Team Vault Record – 27.20 (19)

Team P-Bar Record – 26.20(17)

Team High Bar Record - 26.80(19)


AA – Mitchell Darst– 55.90(17)

Floor – Riley Valentine – 10.30(17)

Pommel Horse - Sparkes Shortway - 10.40(19)

Rings - Sparkes Shortway - 10.80(19)

Vault - Ben Boyle - 9.40(17)

P-Bar - Mitchell Darst - 9.80(17)

High Bar – Ross Stuber/Riley Valente – 9.6(19,17)




2019 Boy's 10.0 Club

The following boy's have accomplished posting a 10.0+ score. Way to go!

The dates that are current will be in Bold and Underlined as of 3/2-3/19


Prentice Ruyle: Pommel 10.40Rings 10.70, High Bar 10.30


Sparkes Shortway: Pommel 10.40, Rings 10.80


2019 Men's Region 4 Meet Information & Schedule


2019 MIGS National Invitational Results

This meet brings in teams from other states. The Ruby boy's came to push themselves to prepare for state.

Level 4 Deegan Fitzgerald took Bronze on P-Bars while teammate Mr. Prentice Ruyle claimed Silver on Vault and Bronze on Pommel & Rings. Both boys set their own Team record for this year! Great lead up to state!

LEVEL 5-1 Mr. Sparkes Shortway brought home Bronze in rings. Teammate Mr. Ross Stuber landed Silver in P-Bars and Bronze in High Bar. Mr. Ross tied the Level 5 High Bar score set in 2017. Way to rock!

9-10 Yr. Old Age Group:

Deegan Fitzgerald: Floor 4th, Rings 8th, Vault 7th, P-Bars 3rd, High Bar 8th & All-Around 9th

Prentice Ruyle: Floor 7th, Pommel 3rd, Rings 3rd, Vault 2nd, P-Bars 9th, High Bar 5th & All-Around 4th


7-8 Yr. Old Age Group:

Sparkes Shortway: Floor 10th, Pommel 4th, Rings 3rd, Vault 7th, P-Bars 8th, High Bar 5th & All-Around 7th

11 Yr. Old + Age Group:

Ross Stuber: Floor 5th, Pommel 8th, Rings 5th, Vault 7th, P-Bars 2nd, High Bar 3rd & All-Around 4th