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J.O. Artistic Girls Ruby Gymnastics Team - This team is part of USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program. The J.O. program is designed for girls who are willing to devote increasing amounts of time and commitment to becoming the best gymnast they can be within the state, region and nation. Ruby's J.O. Team consists of levels 3-10.  Workouts for Levels 3-5 range between 9 - 12 hours a week. while learning compulsory routines and new skills. At these levels, all gymnasts do required skills and routines to demonstrate proper progression. Levels 6-10 perform unique routines designed for each gymnast. These levels work out 16 - 19 hours a week. Memberships to Ruby's Junior Olympic teams are by invitation only. 

Xcel Ruby Girls Gymnastics Team -  The Xcel program is also part of USA Gymnastics. Ruby's Xcel team serves to provide access to gymnasts and families who wish to experience the joy of competitive gymnastics, but are unable to make the commitment typically involved with the Junior Olympic program. This opens the door for gymnasts to work out a few hours per week while maintaining participation in other family, sport, and school activities, often concurrently. Xcel gymnasts workout from 2 - 6 hours per week. Xcel families are required to attend two meets per season, while having the option to attend others.

J.O. Artistic Ruby Boys Team - This team also is part of USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program. This program offers boys the option to put in time and commitment to become the best male gymnast they can be within the state and region. In 2018 Ruby's boys' team program is Levels 4-6, which are compulsory levels in which gymnasts perform required skills and routines. These levels work out 8 - 10 hours per week. Level 7 combines required skills and optional routines, followed by Levels 8-10: optional routines for the men.

Workout times and days for all teams vary and are based on competitive seasons and development periods.

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