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Valentine's Day Party - Friday, February 8th


Closure Reminder

Reminder that we are closed December 22nd - January 6th! Enjoy your time off Ruby Familes!


2018 J.O. Iowa Compulsory State Meet Results

State meet was a great success! All the Ruby's came home with at least one medal! It is always joyfull and fullfilling to see everyone rewarded for their work during the year. Ruby Level 3's had 6 top 3 podium champions and 12 medals! Way to shine ladies! Level 4's had 8 top 3 podium champs and 14 medal winners! 2 small teams, but we brought home hardware! We are so proud of you ladies! Team Trip in Febuarary and then onto upper level skills! What a great group of talented young ladies that make us very proud! 

For complete results please check out tab TEAM/RESULTS & to find 9.0 and 9.5 Records go to TEAM/TEAM BLOG.  


Level 3's

Miss Jacqueline, Miss Lillien & Miss Hayden

Miss Molly

Level 4's

Miss Emery, Miss Mila & Miss Mora

Miss Eva


2018 J.O. State Meet Week!!!

This week at Ruby is one of our State Meet Weeks! Monday was Crazy Hair day, Tuesday is Crazy Socks Day, Wednesday is Ruby Warrior Day, face paint day and Thursday is Ruby Pride Day. We pray that the teams will have their best meet ever!!! Let's be warriors out there!!!


Ruby Shoe Drive!

Our shoe drive is underway! This is what 100 pairs of shoes looks like! Wow! But... we need your help to reach our goal of 4,000 pairs! Your donation of new and used footwear will be used to help establish new businesses in 3rd world countries, and provide shoes for those without any. And, each pair donated earns Ruby Team gymnasts $.40 towards their competition funds. Do good locally, do good globally! ANY footwear is acceptable- cleats, ballet slippers, flip flops, boots, tennis shoes, etc. But must be clean and no holes. Thanks for your continued support!


 A HUGE thank you to our Ruby families! Our 1st fill of the box. A great way to help a 3rd World Country! We are blessed to have families like you. We have reached our first goal of 250! We actually had 300 pairs! The box is already full again! Stay tuned for the next official count!!!