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2018 J.O. State Meet Week!!!

This week at Ruby is one of our State Meet Weeks! Monday was Crazy Hair day, Tuesday is Crazy Socks Day, Wednesday is Ruby Warrior Day, face paint day and Thursday is Ruby Pride Day. We pray that the teams will have their best meet ever!!! Let's be warriors out there!!!


Ruby Shoe Drive!

Our shoe drive is underway! This is what 100 pairs of shoes looks like! Wow! But... we need your help to reach our goal of 4,000 pairs! Your donation of new and used footwear will be used to help establish new businesses in 3rd world countries, and provide shoes for those without any. And, each pair donated earns Ruby Team gymnasts $.40 towards their competition funds. Do good locally, do good globally! ANY footwear is acceptable- cleats, ballet slippers, flip flops, boots, tennis shoes, etc. But must be clean and no holes. Thanks for your continued support!


 A HUGE thank you to our Ruby families! Our 1st fill of the box. A great way to help a 3rd World Country! We are blessed to have families like you. We have reached our first goal of 250! We actually had 300 pairs! The box is already full again! Stay tuned for the next official count!!!


2019 Halloween Party and Overnight 

The Halloween Party and overnight was a huge success. We loved entertaining and hosting all of our goblins, princesses, superpowers and mummies. Love to have you join us next year, if you missed the fun!!!





2018 Fall Coaches Training Weekend

This past August we spend a weekend training our coaches with the latest techniques that start from pre-school on. Coaches were able to learn or review how to spot gymnasts and how skills they teach are done correctly. This enables them to make corrections and help our younger gymnasts be the best they can be. A huge thank you to both the coaches and the gymnasts that gave their time up to be spotted thru skills. Ruby will be holding small coaches clinics when we see a need and if there are changes in skills. We want to offer the best coaching for our gems.





Here it is! The final Spring Fling Schedule! We can't wait to see our Rubies shine on Saturday, May 12th!

Join us for the big day! SPECTATOR TICKETS ARE ON SALE AT THE FRONT DESK - $1 each, cash or account