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2018 Valentine Party 

This years Valentine Party was a huge success! Here are some of the highlights! From crafts, to games, to gym time, to snack time.

Thank you to Miss Heather, Miss Hannah, Miss Megan and Miss Tayler for a bang up job!!




2018 Competition Season has begun for these Ruby Teams

Xcel Silvers

Xcel Silvers

Xcel Bronze


Women's J.O. Optional Team

Men's J.O. Team




Classes Canceled Thursday, Jan 11th

All team and recreational classes are canceled for Thursday, Jan 11th. Make up date will be emailed out when set.

Thanks and stay warm and safe Ruby Gems!

~Ruby Staff


2017 Christmas Break Closure

Reminder that we will be closed December 23rd-January 6th for Christmas and New Years break. Enjoy your time with your families!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone here at Ruby!


Ruby's 2018 Thanksgiving Tree


Each year we have our Rubies fill out a leaf listing something they are thankful for this year to go on our tree. Some examples of what our Rubies are thankful for this year: Family & Friends; Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Baby Cousin - Animals; bunny, puppies, hampster, horses and butterfies - Toys; Dolls, Barbies - Food; Ice Cream, Donuts, Cheese - Misc.; Gymnastics, Gymnastics teachers, Meets, Teammates, Getting to compete again, the World, Moving, Chores, Cleaning my room and School. And best of all: God Made Us, Easter, God and Heaven.