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2019 Xcel Region 4 Results

Regionals were held up in Minnesota with over 150 teams competing over a 3 day weekend. Congratulations to all the Ruby Xcels on a great meet. Miss Kennedy Kalkwarf Claimed Gold on Bars, Floor and All-Around, finishing Beam with Silver. Great job Kennedy!



Jr. E Age Group:

Anna Meyers: Vault 6th & All-Around 9th

Jr. G Age Group:

Kennedy Kalkwarf: Vault 2nd, Bars 1st, Floor 1st & All-Around 1st  

Sr. J Age Group:

Payton Sokoloski: Floor 5th

Sr. O Age Group:

Kendra Kalkwarf: Bars 9th


Jr. B Age Group:

Claire Canady: Vault 9th & Bars 9th

Sr. G Age Group:

Emma Frohling: Bars 6th & Beam 6th

Sr. N Age Group:

Natalie Meinders: Bars 6th, Beam 7th, Floor 7th & All-Around 6th



2019 Iowa Xcel State Meet Results

A very long weekend for coach Kennedy. Thank you for your dediction to our Xcel gymnasts!! Xcel had 5 top champions! Bronze Champions:  Miss Amy Tran claimed GOLD on Vault and BRONZE on Floor. Miss Olivia Hershey took SILVER on Vault , Miss Kaylee Stahl won BRONZE on Beam and Miss Landrie Petrie also took BRONZE on Floor and All-Around. Silver Champions: Miss Anna Meyers stood on GOLD for vault.

The Bronze and Silver broke all of the team records for this year! Golds set all but but floor. A team meet it was! Gold Miss Emma Frohling set a Ruby All-Around record with a 36.825. Silver Miss Ann Meyer set the Ruby record for Vault with a 9.475. Congratulations to the Ruby Xcel Team!!

Congratulations to those gymnasts qualifying and going to Regionals!! SILVERS: Abigail Pearson, Anna Meyers, Aubree Weber, Kendra Kalkwarf, Kennedy Kalkwarf, Maggie Haskovec & Payton Sokoloski. GOLDS: Claire Canady, Emma Frohling & Natalie Meinders.


Child C Age Group:

Landry Petrie: Vault 5th, Bars 6th, Beam 4th, Floor 3rd & All-Around 3rd

Junior C Age Group:

Kelli Schmitz: Vault 9th & Bars 7th

Junior D Age Group:

Sophia Heacock: Vault 4th

Junior F Age Group:

Kaylee Stahl: Vault 9th, Bars 10th & Beam 3rd

Junior G Age Group:

Cadia Switzer: Beam 9th & Floor 10th

Sydney Marquart: Bars 8th, Beam 5th, Floor 9th & All-Around 9th

Senior A Age Group:

Carlee Kammeyer: Vault 9th & Floor 5th

Senior B Age Group:

Olivia Hershey: Vault 2nd

Senior F Age Group:

Amy Tran: Vault 1st, Bars 10th, Beam 8th, Floor 3rd & All-Around 4th

Ashley Risvold: Vault 10th


Child C Age Group:

Lily Garvin: Vault 7th, Bars 8th, Floor 7th & All-Around 10th

Child B Age Group:

Aubree Weber: Vault 10th, Bars 6th & Beam 9th

Child D Age Group:

Anna Meyers: Vault 1, Bars 6th, Beam 5th & All-Around 5th

Ella Homewood: Vault 7th & Bars 8th

Child F Age Group:

Kennedy Kalkwarf: Vault 7th, Bars 5th & Floor 10th

Junior G Age Group:

Maggie Haskovec: Beam 4th, Floor 8th & All-Around 6th

Senior C Age Group:

Payton Sokoloski: Vault 9t &, Beam 8th

Senior E Age Group:

Abigail Pearson: Beam 7th 

Senior F Age Group:

Kendra Kalkwarf: Vault 10th, Beam 8th, Floor 10th & All-Around 10th


Child A Age Group:

Claire Canady: Vault 7th, Bars 6th, Beam 6th, Floor 9th & All-Around 5th

Junior D Age Group:

Emma Frohling: Bars 6th, Beam 7th, Floor 8th & All-Around 6th

Senior C Age Group:

Natalie Meinders: Vault 7th, Bars 5th, Beam 9th, Floor 10th & All-Around 6th



2019 XCEL 9.0 Club & 9.5 Club

These ladies worked hard to earn a spot in the 9.0 Club! Congratulations! 



Amy Tran: Vault 9.45, Bars 9.20, Beam 9.35, Floor 9.4

Ashley Risvold: Vault 9.050, Beam 9.20

Cadia Switzer: Vault 9.1, Bars 9.175, Beam 9.25

Carlee Kammeyer:Vault 9.050,  Bars 9.275, Floor 9.175

Kayla Corbett: Beam 9.125

Kaylee Stahl: Vault 9.35, Bars 9.225, Beam 9.5

Kelli Schmitz: Vault 9.050,  Bars 9.30, Beam 9.0

Landry Petrie: Vault 9.30, Bars 9.45, Beam 9.35, Floor 9.25

Olivia Hershey: Vault 9.550

Sophia Heacock: Vault 9.475, Beam 9.10, Floor 9.0

Sydney Marquart: Vault 9.075, Bars 9.35, Beam 9.45, Floor 9.05



Anna Meyers: Vault 9.475, Bars 9.35, Beam 9.375, Floor 9.550

Abigail Pearson: Vault 9.0, Bars 9.125, Beam 9.35, Floor 9.1

Asia Block: Bars 9.025, Beam 9.10

Aubree Weber: Vault 9.075, Bars 9.175, Beam 9.175

Claire Switzer: Bars 9.4, Beam 9.35, Floor 9.15

Ella Homewood: Vault 9.25, Bars 9.40, Beam 9.150

Lily Garvin: Vault 9.15, Bars 9.225, Beam 9.0, Floor 9.175

Kendra Kalkwarf: Vault 9.175, Bars 9.275, Beam 9.325, Floor 9.1

Kennedy Kalkwarf: Vault 9.474, Bars 9.675, Beam 9.375, Floor 9.30   

Maggie Haskovec: Vault 9.2, Bars 9.15, Beam 9.35, Floor 9.325

Natalia Sadewasser: Bars 9.1,  Beam 9.0, Floor 9.05

Payton Sokoloski: Vault 9.1, Bars 9.325, Beam 9.325, Floor 9.3


Claire Canady: Vault 9.25, Bars 9.550, Floor 9.40

Emma Frohling: Bars 9.575, Beam 9.20, Floor 9.2

Kate Tomlyanovich: Floor 9.2

Natalie Meinders: Vault 9.125, Bars 9.60, Beam 9.225, Floor 9.550

These ladies worked hard to earn a spot in the 9.5 Club! Congratulations! 



Kaylee Stahl: Beam 9.5

Olivia Hershey: Vault 9.550 


Anna Meyers: Floor 9.550

Kennedy Kalkwarf: Bars 9.50


Claire Canady: Bars 9.550

Emma Frohling: Bars 9.575

Natalie Meinders: Bars 9.60, Floor 9.550


2016 - 2019 RGA Xcel Team Records

                   2016-19 RGA TEAM RECORDS

             April 21-22, 2018

Team Record - 113.575 18

Team Vault Record - 28.750 18
Team Bar Record - 28.47518

                                     Team Beam Record - 28.550 17
                                     Team Floor Record - 28.600 18

                      AA – Kennedy Kalkwarf– 37.8018

 V - Asia Block - 9.75 18

UB –Kennedy Kalkwarf – 9.625 18

BB - Kennedy Kalkwarf - 9.625 18

FX – Abigail Pearson9.60 18



                     2016-19 RGA TEAM RECORDS

     March 22-24, 2019 


Team Record - 114.07518 

Team Vault Record - 29.05018

Team Bar Record - 28.5018

Team Beam Record - 28.5518

Team Beam Record - 28.5518

 Team Floor Record - 28.62518


AA – Emma Shepard – 38.35018  

VT - Anna Meyers - 9.4519

UB – Emma Shepard – 9.7018

BB – Emma Shepard/
Abby Jensen – 9.6518/16

FX - Emma Shepard - 9.8018


                           2019 RGA TEAM RECORDS

                                            March 22-24, 2019 (Records Set)

                                                       XCEL GOLD

                                                       Team Record - 108.25(19)

Team Vault Record - 26.700(19)

                                              Team Bar Record - 27.650(19)

                                          Team Beam Record - 26.300(19)  

                                            Team Floor Record - 28.00(19)

                                                      AA - Emma Frohling - 36.825(19)

                                                  VT - Clarie Canady - 9.25(19)

                                                UB - Natalie Meinders - 9.60(19)    

                                               BB - Natalie Meinders - 9.225(19)

                                               FX - Natalie Meinders - 9.550(19)


2019 Leapin Leprechaun Results

Last meet of the season before state March 22-24. Bronze had a ruff time of it, but gave their best. Keep working hard ladies, state is knocking on the door. 

Silver walked away with some podium placings: Miss Anna Meyers claimed gold on Vault and Silver on Beam. Teammate Miss Ella Homewood claimed Silver on Bars and Bronze on Vault. Great job ladies, onward to state!

Gold was represented by the dynamic duo. Miss Emma Frohling claimed Bronze on beam. Miss Natalie Meinders took home Silver on Beam and Bronze on Vault. Nice meet ladies, focus on state goals!


Jr. C Age Group: 

Kelli Schmitz: Vault 6th, Bars 6th, Beam 9th, Floor 9th & All-Around 8th

Sr. A Age Group:

Sydney Marquart: Vault 7th, Bars 5th, Beam 7, Floor 8th & All-Around 8th


Child C Age Group:

Anna Meyers: Vault 1st, Bars 8th, Beam 2nd, Floor 8th & All-Around 4th

Ella Homewood: Vault 3rd, Bars 2nd, Beam 10th, Floor 10th & All-Around 7th


Sr. B Age Group:

Emma Frohling: Vault 7th, Bars 4th, Beam 3rd, Floor 8th & All-Around 4th

Natalie Meinders: Vault 3rd, Bars 8th, Beam 2nd, Floor 5th & All-Around 5th